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Stars 2021. Cupertinum wines

Surprises and confirmations from international Guides and Magazines Confirmations and surprises for Cupertinum’s wines, this is how we could summarize the loot of awards received again this year by 2021 […]

SlowWine 2021 rewards Spinello dei Falconi and all Cupertinum wines

SlowWine 2021 rewards Spinello dei Falconi and all Cupertinum wines for the value for money! The SlowWine 2021 Guide awarded the “TopWine / Vino Quotidiano” award to the Spinello dei […]

Wine Spectator rewards Cupertinum’s Copertino Doc Riserva

Wine Spectator, the most famous wine magazine in the world, awarded with 91 points the Cupertinum’s Copertino Doc Riserva, the famous Winery from Copertino. The following is the description made […]

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Cupertinum Doc - Our Paper

 “Cupertinum doc. Il Cuore del Negroamaro” è il giornale che realizziamo ogni anno per valorizzare le connessioni tra territorio, cultura, viticoltura, ambiente, turismo, economia e per raccontare il nostro progetto qualitativo.


Awards and acknowledgments

The Cupertinum wines received many prizes and awards, both on international and national level, at contests, from various guides, journalists and experts. It can all be summed up in these two quotes: "This highest profile of Copertino Reserve embellishes a range of flawless wines with hints of true personality. The Cupertinum is among the most commendable wineries for its adherence to tradition and typicality". "The Wines of Cupertinum, without yielding to fads and easy tastes, represent the uniqueness of the territory and its varieties, and have an excellent quality value for the price" (SlowWine / SlowFood).
Francesco Trono - Cupertinum President