The new prizes and prizes to the Wines of the Historic Cantina di Copertino on 2016 Guides

Cupertinum, a high quality winery!

The new prizes and prizes to the Wines of the Historic Cantina di Copertino on 2016 Guides

The great success of the project “The Vineyard on the Copertino Castle” – a dream bringing together history and future, agriculture, culture and tourism – has crowned the 2015, 80th anniversary of Cupertinum foundation. And a rain of stars has come from 2016 Guide that have awarded the wines of such historic Copertino Winery these prizes:

* Top Hundred (the best 100 wines emerging) of Golosario to Primitivo Salento Igt;

* Golden Star of the Touring Club to Copertino Doc Riserva (juicy, relaxed, engaging, priceless for the price, like all the wines of this cooperative)

* Dolce Puglia of the Italian Sommelier Association to the Glykòs Passito Salento Igt (“marvelous Olfactory effluents … rich taste, elegant and persistent, inlaid with silky tannins”);

* Without forgetting the Star awarded by Espresso I Vini d’Italia to all production (“cooperative among the most commendable, high-quality, representative of the territory, with a defined, recognizable and stable style. The reserves in particular, paradigmically represent the Negroamaro grape and make this winery an indispensable address”);

* The inclusion in Vignaioli and Wines of Italy of Corriere della Sera (with encomium to Negroamaro, Copertino Doc and Squarciafico Rosato); “These results and acknowledgements make us proud and are an important recognition of our members’ work and of our qualitative project”, says Francesco Trono, President of the noble cooperative.

And then again:

* I Vini di Veronelli assigns 2 Stars to: Copertino Doc, Seventy-Five, Reserve, Glykòs, Falcon’s Spinel, Negroamaro, Primitivo!

* Slow Wine, from SlowFood, emphasizes the fundamental importance of Cupertinum for the quality of Salento’s enology and current innovations, and praises: the Settantacinque, the Spinello dei Falconi Rosato, the Copertino Doc, the Negroamaro and the Primitivo .

* Vitae, of the Italian Sommelier Association, dedicates us a very positive and rewarding sheet with Three Screws: Glykòs, Spinello dei Falconi and Copertino Doc Riserva; and highlights the quality/money ration of the whole range and the vitality of our project.

* Luca Maroni’s Best Wine of Italy’s Wine, consistent with his “wine-fruit” theory, likes the “really good” Salento Igt, Primitivo, Squarciafico Rosato, Spinello dei Falconi and Copertino Doc Riserva; and exalts the Glykòs Passito with a pyrotechnic organoleptic description!

* Bibenda, from the Fondazione Italiana Sommelier, praises the overall commitment of the Winery and our project of “the Vineyard on the Castle”, exalting the Glykòs (4 Bunches) and Copertino Doc Riserva, Negroamaro, Primitivo and Spinello (3 Bunches) .