All the Stars of Cupertinum Wines / Excellent rewards from awards, guides and international magazines

Confirmations and surprises for Cupertinum wines, this is how we can sum up the haul of awards received this year from wine guides and prestigious international magazines. Here follow the main awards to the labels of the historic Copertino winery: The Spinello dei Falconi was awarded as Wine/Price by the AIS Sommeliers’ Vitae Guide (which writes: “a winery that bursts with energy and vitality from all pores… each label speaks an accomplished and truthful language making itself an expression of all the historical Salento varieties”); TopWine by SlowWine; Best Wine by Joe Bastianich and Tiziano Gaia, in “The Great Tale of Italian Wine”.

  • Glykòs Passito won for the seventh time the DolcePuglia award, the AIS competition.
  • The Copertino Riserva, the Settantacinque, the Negroamaro and the Glykòs are awarded 4 Grappoli by the Bibenda guide by FSI Copertino sommeliers.
  • The Settantacinque, the Copertino Riserva and the Squarciafico Rosato are awarded 4 Stars by Touring’s Vinibuoni d’Italia.
  • Wine Spectator and Decanter also for 2024 confirmed their awards to Copertino Riserva and Negroamaro with scores ranging from 90 to 92.
  • And last but not least: on Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book guide to wines from around the world, Cupertinum has been listed among the best Italian wineries. A great result! The historic and celebrated guide reports: Copertino Riserva, Settantacinque, Spinello dei Falconi and Negroamaro! International affirmation for which it is worth toasting!

“The entire production is a sort of hymn to Negroamaro, which is interpreted with a stylistic signature of purity and authenticity and forged in different versions,” writes VITAE, the guide of the Italian Sommelier Association. Important: All the Guides point out the advantageous value for money of all the wines.

Cupertinum confirms itself with these awards as a reality of excellence, reliable over time, dynamic in identifying new goals and achieving them!