The vineyard on the castle of Copertino

Historical records show that the upper walls of Copertino Angevin Castle – which, in terms of plant size and grandeur, is one of the most impressive viceregal defensive structures – were used as roof gardens with vineyards.

In 2013 Cupertinum Winery has presented the project “The Vineyard on the Castle” to the Administrative Board of Copertino Castle and to the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Landscape of Lecce, who - verified archival sources - have accepted it enthusiastically.

It is a unique project, with no precedents either in Italy or abroad, which relives history and enhances the most original aspects of culture as well as the cropping tradition of Salento: the history of Copertino and of vine-growing.

The vineyard is situated on the bastions and has been implanted in April 2014 with the Apulian breeding system arranged in quinquonce rows. The cultivar is Negroamaro Cannellino, a precocious ancient variety.

Since its founding the Cupertinum has en- hanced the relationship with local culture. Doc Coperti- no bottles have on the label as emblem the gate of the Castle, whilst the IGT Salento wines, Squar- ciafico and Spinello dei Falconi, are dedicated to noble families who dwelled the Castle.